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martes, junio 04, 2013

Tornado '87 (Departing)

(The Rural Alberta Advantage)

You sit next to the fireplace, surrounding yourself with warmth. There are no logs, no flame: it's just the sun. You open your eyes and realize that the long-awaited time has come. Unlimited light; skin and thighs breathing the air outside.

Would it not be easier to just ride the wave and slide? But rather, you take your time, you look around. Good is within reach, perfection is in mind. You will fight, you will stand, but... at what price? Time passes fast and memories flash before my eyes; I have to reach the end of the path before I decide.

I may find wolves, I may have my skin pierced by roses' thorns; I may fall to my knees, I may even crawl, but I will never lose the focus of 'Why am I here?', 'What is it all for?': the thing I am looking for when all the lights are gone.


Anonymous Yr said...

Where do you want to go?

9:55 p. m.  

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